The Art of Boris Eifmam

The Art of Boris Eifmam

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The Art of Boris Eifmam


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The Art of Boris Eifman is not just a photography book. It is not just a ballet book either. In fact, it is a bundle of pure emotions, beauty, sensuality and passion. One does not take a glimpse at this book without getting drawn into it, wanting to flip the pages to see what other magical scenes await.

This impressive compilation of the Russian’s choreographies viewed by the lens of the talented Souheil Khoury takes us to the world of literature through many masterpieces; except here, there is no need for words. Each scene is beautifully shot, filled with essence, details, movement and a multitude of emotions that words alone could not describe. The scenes show perfectly what Eifman is known for: his dark portrayals of anguished sensuality and extreme psychological states.

Through the pages, we encounter these states through five different stories: Anna Karenina, Don Quixote, Onegin, Red Giselle and Rodin. And again, just like Rodin’s statues, Souheil’s photography is full of motion and vibrates with passion.

The Art of Boris Eifman is a masterpiece that projects us into a universe of pure art; combining choreography, photography, literature music and even high technique printing. It is a book that inspires and a valuable gift.

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