Forever Lebanon 7 Posters from E.P. Schehadé

Forever Lebanon 7 Posters from E.P. Schehadé

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Forever Lebanon 7 Posters from E.P. SchehadéSale


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Is a set of 7 posters about some coastal cities in Lebanon, printed according to original watercolors by E.P. Schehade... Tripoli, Byblos, Jounieh, Beirut, Damour, Saïda and Sour are represented as they probably looked like in the early 20th century, until 1950, before concrete started taking over.

E.P. Schehade has worked on many seascapes of Lebanon as a tribute to the fearless Phoenician Mariners who departed from these cities to discover unknown oceans, then followed by many generations of immigrants who left Biblical Lebanon to reach the Americas...

These posters are printed by Les éditions Dergham.

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