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LibanPost was created in 1998 to act as the national mail operator. With over 1000 employees, it counts among the largest employers in the country, and has nationwide spread offices. Its compelling mission is to “Facilitate people’s lives”. To do so, LibanPost strives for innovation and continuous quality improvement, while constantly benchmarking its performance against that of other regional and international mail operators.
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With time, LibanPost has diversified its initial postal activities and has added new retail, financial and governmental products and services to its offering. It has also multiplied its points of contact and relies now on various sales channels ranging from a large retail network of Post Offices (almost 100 POS), to a dynamic corporate sales team, a tele-sales team, a network of agencies and an online access.

When asked about what they are most proud of at work, the customer service representatives, who serve in the Post Offices, unanimously say that they feel proud to be considered by the Lebanese people as knowledgeable trusted governmental experts, while the letter carriers - who go to each home/office for pickups and deliveries -, answer that they are proud to have earned a reputation of dependability, despite the complexity of their work in the absence of an official addressing system in Lebanon. They are happy to feel waited for, as their daily interaction with the citizens has transformed them into social anchors for the neighborhoods they serve.

Aside from relying on a large number of field sales and distribution positions, LibanPost also counts on a wide range of expertise from the Functional (IT, HR, Finance, Administration, Quality, Support, Project Management), to the Administrative, Commercial (Customer Care, Business Development, Marketing), and Operations roles.

This comprehensive business model represents a rich professional exposure for all LibanPost recruits.
Employment at LibanPost
As for all service providers, the human element at LibanPost represents the company backbone. Hence, on top of the required qualifications and technical skills, the selection process is based on candidates’ fit with the company culture and values. Prior to recruiting externally, employees are always given the priority and promotion from within is first considered. Furthermore their professional and personal developments are viewed as key via on-the-job learning, training as well as on-line education.

At LibanPost, diversity in the workforce is viewed as a strength and all communities are represented in the company while respecting regional specificities. We are also glad to be keen on gender parity and happy to have been able to introduce women in traditionally male dominated jobs such as for letter carriers positions.
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LibanPost is committed to protecting the privacy of your personal information. If your profile matches a vacancy’s requirements, a recruitment officer will contact you to set a time for a face to face interview as well as test taking in some cases.

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