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Benin Consulate Visa
Service Definition
This service allows Lebanese nationals to request visas from the Benin consulate through LibanPost offices.
Terms for accepting the formality
1.      The person requesting the visa should personally sign the visa request
2.      Providing a clear and valid phone number and address to enhance the delivery process
3.      Paying in advance the fees for the consulate and post fees at the post office
4.      Post fees will not be returned if the visa request was rejected by the consulate
5.      Providing all the requirements from the person: name, full address in Lebanon and phone number, where he will be staying in Benin Republic (in case this is not available, the host name and phone number should be given)
Duration to finalize the formality
4 working days, including the day of receiving and returning the formality. Saturdays and Sundays are considered vacations at the consulate.
Required Documents
1.      Visa request document from the consulate fully filled and signed personally by the requesting person
2.      Note: the visa request should be presented at the post office by the person requesting the visa or by a person commissioned by him through a notary. The visa request should be signed personally by the requesting person.
3.      A passport valid for at least 3 months
4.      A judicial record for the requesting person (and for whoever is traveling with him), better if translated to French in order to facilitate getting the residency in Benin later. This document is not requested of those below 18 years of age. 
Note: visa request will not be accepted if requesting person is convicted for drugs or plagiarism.
5.      An invitation from a company/ institution in the Republic of Benin, addressed to the requesting person or an invitation from the company in which the invited works at in Lebanon with the condition that this invitation should have attached with it a Certificat D’hebergement request signed by an authorized personnel of the company/ institution, in addition to the company/ institution stamp.
Note: in this case, a photocopy of the commercial register should also be attached
2 colored photos for the passport owner and for all the family members travelling along (in case it was a family passport). In this case, the family member’s names should be mentioned in the designated spots on the request.
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