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Ogero Bills Collection
Through this service, you can now pay the bills for Ogero land phone lines from home, the office, or any address you choose. You can also pay the bills at any LibanPost office.

Bill collection from an address: this service of collecting the phone bills from an address previously specified is for LBP1,500 per bill. You can sign up for this service by:

  • Filling out an application and handing it in to a letter carrier or by delivering it to any post office.
  • Filling out an application at any post office.
  • Calling LibanPost on 1577 and requesting a Home Service or sending the application by fax.
The collector makes 2 visits to collect monthly bills by visiting the specified address. In case both visits failed, the customer will have to visit a post office to pay the bill before the 8th of the next month.
Bill collection at a post office:this service is found at all LibanPost post offices; customers can pay their bills at any post office for LBP 2,000 per bill.
More services:
  • SMS service: customers are sent a message informing them of the amount they have to pay. This service is provided for LBP 500 per bill.
  • Request of disclosed international phone calls bill for LBP 500 per bill.
  • Adjusting application form service.

  Additional information:

  • Prices include V.A.T.
  • If customer retains from paying once, the service will be automatically cancelled.
  • A LBP 1,000 stamp is put on each application and is debited on the next bill.
  • This service is exclusive at LibanPost.
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